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Flood risk management

Image of River Soar in Leicester
River Soar in Leicester

Drop in event - On 10 April, you are invited to a flood risk management scheme information event at Abbey Pumping Station - read more about the event 

Flooding feedback
2 December 2013
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The city council now has responsibilities to prepare, predict and manage flood risk in the City, following the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 making us a Lead Local Flood Authority.


Flooding is caused by heavy rainfall, rivers overflowing their banks, water rising out of the ground or sewers overflowing. We are responsible for surface water flooding – flooding from heavy rainfall and minor watercourses. We also work closely with the Environment Agency*, who are responsible for flooding from large rivers, and Severn Trent Water* who are responsible for sewers in the City and many other bodies.


Our responsibilities

The Flood and Water Management Act* changed the way that flood risk is managed. A summary is at the bottom of the page and links on the left contain more detail on specific topics.


Our main new duty is to manage surface water flooding. To do this we have to know which areas are at risk and so have commissioned a Surface Water Management Plan, which includes computer modelling to predict areas most likely to flood from different storm events. We are now studying some of the most at risk areas in more detail to try and find solutions to the problems.


Once this work has been completed we will work on a “Local Flood Risk Management Strategy”, which will set out how we intend to manage flood risk and what works we will do to reduce it over the long term.


If you propose any works in a watercourse you will probably need our consent or the Environment Agency’s. Click on the link on the left to find out more and apply to us.


We have also published a register of structures which have a significant impact upon flooding and a record of all flood incidents reported to us.


Areas at risk

Some areas in Leicester are naturally more at risk than others. Different sources of flooding affect different areas. We are developing an interactive map so you can see the risk in your area, which we expect to be completed by November 2012.


In the meantime, Appendix B of the “Strategic Flood Risk Assessment” includes maps of the different flood risk areas. Information on flooding from main rivers can also be found on the Environment Agency’s website*. Appendix D of the Surface Water Management Plan appendices contain maps of the risk of surface water flooding. Groundwater flooding is covered in Appendix A. Severn Trent Water* is responsible for most sewer flooding.


More information is included in the relevant Flood Risk Study.    


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Reporting a flood

If it's an emergency call 999.

You can also report floods to us by calling 0116 454 1001 (or 0116 254 4344 outside office hours).
Some floods should be reported to other organisations (such as Severn Trent Water* on 0800 783 4444).

Need more information?

The links on the left and the Flood risk studies page contain information on areas at risk and the different requirements of the Act. Also try our Flood risk management glossary, or contact us


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